Vine v. Instagram


It amazes me how rapidly social networking sites are expanding. While these networks create a  massive platform for creativity and self-expression they allow people to connect and share with family, friends and peers. More recently I have noticed the  amount of content sharing that occurs on social networks. As  Howell states, ” With the profusion of social networks and subsequent conversation has come s deluge of content. From videos and pictures to links and music it seems content can be found anywhere” ( p. 10, 2012).  This user-generated content, Howell goes on to explain, is frequently found and stored on social networks.

Relatively new updates have been established through social networks such as Vine and Instagram that allows its users to upload and post their  videos and pictures from these networks onto other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Tweeting Vine videos on Twitter

This is something I commonly use  because of its ability to overlap social networks.  Considering Vine is owned by Twitter it only makes sense that the two social networks combine allowing you to Tweet, tag and comment your Vine videos onto Twitter. Vine recently tweeted on August 20, 2013, ” We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again: this community – now more than 40 million of you – is amazing. Thank you for inspiring us”. With the enthusiasm around Vines ability to share video Instagram has also jumped on board. Instagram is owned by Facebook a competitor of Twitter. Currently despite Vines 13 million monthly users Instagram is crushing  the competition with 130 million monthly users. Currently, both Vine and Instagram allow you to share video content on Facebook and Twitter. However, Instagram seems to be steps of ahead of Vine allowing for longer video time with 15 seconds compared to Vines 6 second. Instagram also allows which thumbnail view can be seen on your newsfeed a feature that is not offered by Vine. This may seem simplistic but this feature is just another awesome way you can personalize the content you share. It seems that the public is responding to Instagrams ability to share not only photo but video content proving that the more user-generated content a social network allows the better! It will be interesting to see how Instagrams and Vines competitiveness continues to develop and how it enhances each applications abilities.  

Information from:

Howell, K. “An Introduction to Social Networks.” Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, 2012. p. 5. Print.


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  1. Definitely agree with all you have to say in this blog post. The more user-generated content opportunities a social networking site offers, the more usage from the public it will get. I do think that Vine is more popular in the video aspect compared to instagram, just because of all of that “vine famous” stuff that is going around. However, instagram gets way more followers just because it offers the ability to take pictures and videos. I don’t actually think that a lot of people embrace instagram for the video that it offers- I think they do it for the pictures. Vine is a better video app in my opinion just because it’s literally created a legend- people are getting famous through their funny videos. However, Vine will never be as big as Instagram solely because it’s just a video sharing site. Instagram will always be ahead with it’s picture function.

    • I never really thought about the fact that Instagram has more followers do to its dual video/picture components. Very interesting observation! I would agree with you that Vine is the better video app for me personally because I do not believe that I have ever used Instagram video. I like your points on the Vine famous because they are completely true. I follow many users whom I do not know because their content is purely entertaining!

      • I deleted my instagram during the summer, about a month after the video option came out. While I was still on there, I barely saw any videos come up on my feed. I followed almost 500 people, and out of those 500 I saw nearly 0! That’s crazy. Just like you, I love Vine- I follow people who are “Vine famous” and I really could sit on my phone for hours and watch all of the comedy that people post. Actually, I was on Vine last night and noticed that Vine is now using posts to market products/events- thought that was cool. Have you seen that yet?

      • I do not know how you could ever delete Instagram hahah! But I agree with your point, out off all the people I follow I barely see any videos. I really do believe that Vine is for videos and Instagram is for pictures. I have not been on Vine recently but I will have to check out the Vines that are now marketing products/events. That seems like an awesome idea and I am interested to see how these posts turned out in the 6 second time constraint.

      • I do too!! I could sit at my phone for an hour and watch the comedy unfold in those 6 second Vines!! I am curious though: When do you think companies will start really taking advantage of how popular Vine is becoming, and start pushing their products/messages through these 6 second videos? Do you think that would be effective?

      • I do believe that product/message pushing via Vine could be extremely effective is it done creatively. Since you mention PR campaigns on Vine I decided to look some up. I found one done by McDonalds which I considered a great concept. The Vine begins with a tic tac toe board and then continues with the X’s being french fries and the O’s being #FishMcBites. I believe this is a creative effective Vine to raise awareness for McDonalds product Fish McBites.

  2. It was interesting how you blogged about Vine and Instagram. I was unaware that Twitter owned Vine, and Facebook owned Instagram but it makes sense. Both companies are popular and have Vine and Instagram to take them to the next level of competition. I like that in some way, all the social networking sites can be linked to one another. It makes for ease of use, and the ability reach a wide variety of audiences. You mention the word “personalize”, which is important because social media allows for all users to be unique in their own way. I prefer Instagram over Vine because I like the ability to share photos and longer videos with my friends. The editing capabilities, tagging friends, and hash tags are great features as well. When I first tried vine, I was confused by the stop and go; and short length of the videos. I think it is a great concept but I prefer Instagram.

  3. I was too unaware that Twitter owned Vine and Facebook owned Instagram until I did some research on the topic. My initial approach was to discuss how social networks linked to one another because I love that you can post on multiple platforms. However, after seeing the rivalry that is continuing between Facebook and Twitter I decided to take a different approach. I also prefer Instagram over Vine however I prefer Vines video aspect. I enjoy how you can follow people for comedic purposed along with being able to revine others videos.

  4. I liked your topic choice a lot! Your comparisons were really good and definitely informative. Personally, I like Vine WAY more than Instagram video. In my mind, Instagram is for photos, and Vine is for videos. The transitions between video snippets in Instagram are just not as smooth as they are in Vine. I also like the level of creativity people have taken on due to the 6 second time constraint! There are some incredibly talented people that have become famous on Vine. I think that the Instagram personalization features are just too much! I enjoy the simplicity of Vine. Great comparisons! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I do like your point on how creative Vine 6 second time constraint has made people become. However, this evening my friend showed be a cool new feature of on Instagram where you can conjoin two videos either previously shot or with a friends. I thought that was pretty cool and a step ahead of anything Vine currently has to offer.

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