Just this past week my Twitter account was comprised for the third time. As much as I love Twitter this got me questioning just how safe the information on this site is. What concerns me is that this is happening on a daily basis. In our text Sanders states while speaking about social media that “in time it will impact every part of an organisation– yet in some businesses social media are not so much seen as a wonderful opportunity but as a worrying threat, and in others just an irrelevant distraction” (p. 15, 2012).  This got me thinking is this worrying threat relevant to the companies and users of Twitter? 

This past year companies like Burger King and Jeep have fell victim to Twitters site hacking problem. Burger Kings tweet scandal occurred when a virus took over stating that rival McDonald’s had bought out their company. Another similar, example was a tweet from Jeep stating that rival company Cadillac purchased Jeep. Image

The problem is that these companies are not the first to be hacked nor will they be the last! After further research I learned that Twitters own account was hacked, “with attackers gaining access to usernames as well as encrypted and randomized passwords for about 250,000 users”.  Despite, these issues I doubt that myself or any major companies with completely abandon Twitter. Twitter is an amazing platform in which to socialize and advertise. It is my go to place for the latest news or gossip. 

Although my faith in Twitter has not swayed I am taking precautionary steps to ensure that this will not happen again. I hope that Twitter is taking actions to prevent continuing security lapses. 

Information obtained from:


Howell, K. “An Introduction to Social Networks.” Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, 2012. p. 5. Print.



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  1. Jourdan– I didn’t know that big time businesses got hacked as well! I actually knew that you were hacked because it sent a spam message from your Twitter account to mine through a direct message. I get those every now and again from random people that I follow, and just thought that it happened through hackers figuring out a random username and PW. It’s crazy to me that Twitter has not yet figured out how to make their site completely secure. I can understand why people might be a little nervous about setting up their company with Twitter when it still is having these kinds of issues. Although minor compared to how many users Twitter has, it still is not reassuring when over 250,000 users are hacked years after Twitter has established itself.

    • I know I was also surprised that major companies got hacked! I never realized this until I looked into hacking on Twiiter. I was shocked also to see the lack of care Twitter seems to have around the issue. It does not seem that Twitter is too concerned with losing any users based off the recent hackings. I agree that this may be one of the issue that major companies have with connecting with social media.

  2. I have thankfully never gotten hacked on Twitter, but I have on Facebook. It happens all of the time! When big companies get hacked, it could ruin their reputation so badly that they are unable to recover fully. Would this sway me as a company from using this platform? Probably not, because social media is continuing to grow and it is a great platform to reach new and potential customers. There is a risk to almost everything we do, might as well take the risk in social media because it is great for business!

  3. On Facebook I have also gotta hacked, as well as Instagram! I must have some bad luck or easy passwords! If I was to do PR for a company reputation would clearly be an important aspect. Company Twitter accounts being hacked is extremely risky and could damage reputations. I agree that the risk does not outway the benefits of Twitter. I still believe that companies will continue to use the site.

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