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  1. I loved this post! I definitely put that picture as my picture as well on this day to support! It made me so happy to see so many people of all different sexual orientations posting to show love and support for equality, and look- a lot of things have changed since. The federal government ruled DOMA unconstitutional which changes the game for gay rights in marriage. Now, we get the same kind of benefits that a straight couple would get, which was not the case before. What made me mad about this whole Facebook thing was that Facebook was trying to do something good, and get people to show through a social media that they supported, and still got criticism over it. People were saying that instead of people showing their support through something as measly as Facebook, they should get their butts out there and actually fight for something. What does sitting behind a computer changing your profile picture do in the long run? Well, my answer is: a lot. It shows that people actually support gay marriage, and are fighting for equality as well. It makes Facebook a community, and it allows people to feel accepted into the community. Who cares if people aren’t out holding signs on the street, the fact that so many people participated in this through one media outlet is insane- and Facebook should have never been criticized for encouraging this.

    • All of this is great info! Of course there is criticism with everything, but when there is criticism, it means that you’ve gained the attention of not only the people for the cause, but those against it. They are reading your content and seeing what kind of movement is being created.

      • Very true, Meghan. With every big movement there will always be criticism- that’s just the way the world works. I really loved the movement and think it did a lot to show support to such a huge community in our day and age. I think that even though it wasn’t a physical movement, seeing so much love and support on something so public is something we haven’t seen before our time- and it’s great.

  2. Thank you so much Gabie you really informed me of a lot of things I was unaware of. It is amazing that so many things have changed since then for same sex relationships in such a positive way. I never even knew there was a backlash from this Facebook campaign. I agree that this campaign meant a lot because it showed just how much support for gay marriage there is. I believe that any form of participation should be appreciated not criticized. I loved your statement of how Facebook is a community. As stated in our text, ” Brands, (…) use Facebook to build communities of advocates and engage with these communities using the functionality of the platform” (Wilson, 2012, p. 61). This is exactly what the Human Rights Campaign established with the Red Campaign. They created a community like you stated that allowed others to feel welcomed and a part of the larger community.

  3. I remember this! I think social media is an amazing way to try and spread the news and spread support for a cause. It reaches such a widespread group of people, and is so simple to show support. The human rights logo was something that was incredibly easy to participate in. Because it was a picture, no words were necessary. No dramatic statement below the picture was needed. Showing support in this cause was insane. 12 million people reached? That’s more people than I think would be reached by a simple news story about the cause. As Gabie said, it’s just the simple act of showing support that helps touch so many people. Sitting behind a computer can be for a good cause too. I loved this campaign just for its simplicity and for its cause. Great Post!

    • I love how you mentioned how it was a picture so no words were necessary. This is so true it is amazing how pictures can make such a statement and stand for so much. And it is so crazy how many people were reach with this campaign and how many people supported this cause.

  4. I agree with everyone! This campaign was huge. Facebook is its own community, along with a lot of the other social networking sites. Creating campaigns through social media have the potential to spread globally. I did not know the stats of this campaing. There were a lot of people that participated in this!

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