BlackBerry Messenger on iPhone?


ImageIm sure I was not alone in my excitement for BlackBerry Messenger becoming available on iPhone’s and Androids. So Painful was the day I had to give up my BlackBerry for an iPhone. Obviously, exchanging my BlackBerry for an iPhone was a necessary choice. However, this did not come without the heartbreak of losing BBM.  The ability to see when your friends read a message, make status and create user names was the main appeal of BBM something an iPhone could not offer.

With all that being said now having an iPhone for nearly four years, I was beyond excited to learn that BBM would be available across multiple platforms including iPhones! Eagerly I downloaded the app and to my surprised became wait listed. Besides being a little pissed, becoming wait listed only made my excitement grow.

bbm_androidAlmost two days later, I was finally removed off the wait list and ready to use the BBM.  With the wait list however went the excitement. BBM for iPhone made me wonder why I have even missed the BBMing to begin with. BBM’s appeal is lost. I think the hype of BBM for iPhone and Android was far past what the app has to actually offer.  While the app is virtually the same for BlackBerry users. Androids and iPhone’s I am unsure if it is actually useful. I think the main thrill of BBM back in the day is that EVERYONE used. Now owning the app for nearly a week I barely have ten friends. The buzz has not seemed to translate to my circle of friends.
Another issue I have with the app is that is has not changed since I previously used it on my Blackberry 4 years ago. “But other than its core features, BBM offers almost nothing else. It hasn’t caught up with the times since 2008.” There is no voice messages and no event or video sharing features just to name of few. So my question remains what is the point? I see no reason why the app will keep consumers happy when it has little to nothing to offer that is different from regular texting.  The app does work, and it works well, but compared to competitors who have had years to build their messaging communities, BBM offers almost no added value to potential users” . In order for the app to live up to its hype BlackBerry needs to consider a revamp. Part of my initial excitement over BBM was to see where the company was taking the new app, I am shocked to see that answer is no where.
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  1. I have been seeing this whole BBM thing all over every single one of my social networks! I have to admit..I didn’t understand the excitement and I didn’t really get it. The only reason I heard about it becoming an app is because one of my friends got it and was talking about it. I also had a Blackberry for so long before I transitioned to the iPhone world. I love my iPhone and am so glad that I made that transition, because minus the feature of BBM, the Blackberry was pretty much useless compared to the iPhone. I can see why BBM didn’t live up to your standards, as times have significantly changed in the past few years. I always kind of compared BBM to iMessaging…except iMessaging is definitely more up to date and much quicker. It’s a good idea at first, but I think when everyone kind of steps back from all the hype of BBM making a come back, they’ll start to realize exactly what you realized.

    • I had the Blackberry right before the iPhone as well! It’s crazy how things can become outdated in such a short period of time! I’d choose iMessage over BBM any day for sure.

    • I agree that after now owning a iPhone for so long I would not go back to a Blackberry. While I was obsessed with BBM it is now so outdated and does not compare to the other awesome apps iPhone has to offer. I also like you comment about the hype. I do believe that many people will realize that the excitement was overrated.

  2. Oh, BBM…Totally have no idea why everyone is so excited about BBM. Virtually everyone has an iPhone now and uses iMessage. iMessage is essentially the same as BBM. Sure, you can’t set a status on iMessage, but then what are your social media sites for? We need another outlet to voice our problems/feelings? Trying to bring back an old program like that is a good idea! Especially because of how popular it was right before the iPhone boom. However, I think that it should have been a little more updated to keep up with technology and to hold people’s interests.

  3. iMessage is essentially the same thing as BBM however, it does not offer the ability to to have statuses. I agree with your point that statuses are for social media. I believe if BBM wishes to be successful it needs to update with features that other apps do not already offer.

  4. I was wondering what the huge bug was about bringing BBM back. I used a blackberry phone one time when I needed an international phone in Italy. I though the bbm was great when I was talking to people but it seemed very outdated. After using the Imessage for 2 years, I probably will not get the BBM app. Is there really a point? I feel like this relaunch could have been GREAT if they updated BBM. It was a good idea though lol. Great post!

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