Chapter 21: The Future of PR Education



When I tell people I am majoring in Communications concentrating in Public Relations, I commonly receive a glare immediately followed by a rude remark. It is frustrating that people frequently believe that Public Relations is a career choice that requires little to no skill. One of the rudest remarks I have ever gotten was “Oh so you want to lie and cover up peoples sh*t”. I was shocked to find out so many people feel that education is not vital in PR.

The beginning of Richard Bailey’s chapter “The Future of PR Education” discusses the negativity that occurs when people speak about public relations. What was surprising is that this negativity also comes from within the field. However, times are changing. The value of public relations is becoming more apparent thanks to social media. Social media has created a whole new platform in which pr representatives are needed. I found an article that discuses the vital role of pr with the new ever evolving social media sites out there. “Everyday your company engages with hundreds if not thousands of people. To actively engage, you cannot have just anyone  scheduling your social media updates. You need a bonafide social media manager to prevent social media PR nightmares from happening.”  

When this rouge tweet pictured above occurred KitchedAid public relations team quickly had to take over to manage the situation. Tweeting within minutes their apologies to Obama, their consumers etc. Overall,  for the tweet to go out was extremely irresponsible of the company. However, I do feel that the public relations at KitchenAid handled the situation well. ImageImage 




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