Chapter 26: Here Comes Web 3.0 And The Internet Of Things


It is amazing to think how much Public Relations has transformed thanks to the Internet. This transformation is so amazing that it is crazy to think that there is more to come. I remember when I was younger going on the internet entailed a process of signing onto AOL. I use to fight with my younger brother about who’s turn it was to use the computer. I was obsessed with AIM and remember waiting for that lovely dial tone to conclude so I could instant message with my friends. 



The internet for as long as I could remember has always connected me with my friends. Our text explains that, “the evidence suggests that technology will advance faster this decade than the last (…)” (Shieldrake, 2012, p. 231). With that being said I found an excellent article that discusses the growth of the web. It is amazing to think that the internet was once a privilege and now its necessity that everyone has access to. Image


This article along with our text simply proves the dominance of the web. With it massive growing capabilities it is vital in any field to know and understand the many uses of the internet. It amazes me that we are only currently in Web 2.0 and the development of Web 3.0 with make the possibilities endless. Web 3.0 will provide the platform for personal connections beyond that of Web 2.0 

Information retrieved from:

Sheldrake, Philip. “Here Comes Web 3.0 and the Internet of Things” Share This: The Social Media Handbook for PR Professionals. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, 2012. Print.


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  1. I almost forgot about AOL! That feels like so long ago but it really wasn’t. It is amazing how fast the internet has exploded. I agree that it used to be considered a privilege and now it is something that many can’t function without. I wonder what the world will be like when we connect literally everyone! 800, 000 app users and growing…CRAZY!

  2. Isn’t crazy how long ago it feels since we have used AOL! I believe this shows how rapidly the internet is growing. It will be amazing to see what we forget about a few years from now. Will Twitter one day be a thing of the past?

  3. You’re so right when you talk about the internet transforming from a privilege to a necessity! Where I worked this summer, they had one lady who was 74 years old that knows nothing about how to work technology, and knows absolutely nothing about the internet and how it works. She actually is scared of the internet. The company keeps her because she is so good at manual labor, and they have young people like me that intern to crunch numbers while she pulls orders for customers from the stock room. My point here is that now a days, if a 20 something year old came into a company and wanted to do that manual labor that my co-worker does because they don’t know how to use the internet, they would likely be declined the job. It’s no longer a privilege to know how to use the computer. It’s necessary for most jobs out there for people our age.

  4. You are on point with the fact that you could never get a job in today’s world with out knowing how to use a computer. It is amazing how quickly times have changed. It makes me wonder what is to come and if one day we will feel the same way about the Internet.

    • This is such a wild thought! And you are certainly correct by saying that. If my mom, as technology challenged as she is, ever had to find a new job, she would be so lost. It’s so common and so necessary in today’s world.

      • I wonder if computers are being taught more in elementary and middle schools? I remember using typing programs in elementary school but it was nothing more than just learning how to type.

  5. Looking at that chart, I am so baffled by the top statistics in the chart. The Google statistics are what shocked me the most. We have such a need for information that has clearly increased in the past years as it has become more easily accessed at our fingertips. I can only imagine what the new developments in Web 3.0 will bring for us!

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